Since she was very young Galina always loved  to spend time outdoors. She appreciated the beauty of the world around her.  The love of the outdoor world turned to a strong desire to create. She wished to express her feelings and emotions in some forms of art. 
Her grandmother, Olga Georgievna Plotnikova, was very well known as a theatre artist in the Bolshoy Theatre in Moscow, Russia, and was a big influence on her first sketches in pencils in then color pencils. 
When she was 11 years old her talent was noticed by one of Russia's artists Evgeney Victorovich Tonkey, who became her first professional art teacher.  She became more and more interested in different techniques and styles in art field.
    Right after high shool she decided to follow her dream and continue to create and express. She attended a local art college where her artistic abilities were expanded into painting, design, and sketching.  Since graduating, She worked on different art projects and designs.  As a job adventure she used to work as a book illustrator in Russia. The most exciting of all was her job as jewelry designer in her early 20s.  She studied computer arts.  She also practised stained glass art and is always looking forward to new opportunities to learn and create.

         We sincerely wish to share her own vision and experience with you and we hope that her work will bring you a lot of enjoyment.